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Company Name Here <br /> Memo <br /> To: Council and City Clerk <br /> From: Mayor Aasheim <br /> CC: Dennis Henderson <br /> Date: 7/16/2003 <br /> Re: Eligibility List for Appeal from Disciplinary Action and Grievance Procedure <br /> The City of Clive Personnel Policy Manual outlines the procedure for an appeal of a disciplinary action <br /> and grievance procedure. If any employee is not satisfied with the appeal/grievance decision of the city <br /> manager, that employee shall have a right of appeal to a three-person appeal board in the following <br /> manner: <br /> The employee and city manager shall present copies of the original grievance and decision to <br /> the mayor within five days of receiving the decision. The mayor shall, within five days of receipt, <br /> obtain from the employee the name of one City of Clive employee selected by the employee <br /> (other than the grievant or any department head)who will serve on the appeal board, and obtain <br /> from the city manager the name of one current selected official selected by the city manager <br /> who will serve on the appeal board. <br /> These two persons shall promptly meet to agree upon a third member of the appeal board, who <br /> shall also be chairperson of the board, to be selected from the list of eligible persons kept on the <br /> with the city clerk. If they are unable to agree, the third party shall be selected by each party <br /> alternately striking names until one person remains. <br /> The list of eligible persons shall be composed of Clive residents appointed by the mayor and <br /> approved by the council. The list shall consist of five names and shall include some former <br /> Clive elected officials, some or all of current Civil Service Commissioners, and may include other <br /> residents as appointed. <br /> The following is the list of eligible persons submitted for your approval. <br /> Robert Brownell (former elected official) <br /> Ken Popken (former elected official) <br /> Maxine Moore-Ballard (Civil Service Commissioner) <br /> Ken Clark(Former Civil Service Commissioner) <br /> Jeff Flagg (resident) <br /> APPROVED <br /> 0l-vx-03 <br /> Ii <br />