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SPECIAL DISTRICT LEVIES <br /> July 1, 1987 June 30, 1988 <br /> Authority -Ch. 386 Valuation x Rate Tax Request <br /> SSMID# <br /> SSMID# <br /> SSMID# <br /> SSMID# <br /> SSMID# <br /> Total <br /> (Transfer to Box 125) <br /> II�� <br /> RECORD E CORD OF PUBLIC HEARING AND ADOPTION OF BUDGET 1 <br /> On DA C)i�■ 1987, the Council of the City of l <br /> met for the purpose of conducting a public hearing on the proposed 1987 -88 Budget as published (posted). A quorum <br /> was present. II <br /> Notice of time and place of hearing had been published on ,J1.t 1, 1987, in the <br /> n d W�4A <br /> and the affidavit of publication was fable to file with the county auditor. <br /> (or) <br /> Notice of the time and place of hearing has been posted on 1987, <br /> in the following locations: <br /> and <br /> The budget estimate was considered and taxpayers and citizens heard for and against said estimate as follows: <br /> After giving opportunity for all desiring to be heard, the Council adopted the following budget resolution: <br /> Resolution No. d 2 OV <br /> A RESOLUTION ADOPTING THE ANNUAL BUDGET FOR THE FISCAL YEAR ENDING JUNE 30, 1988. <br /> Be it Resolved by the Council of the City of Iowa: <br /> The annual budget for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1988, as set forth in the Budget Summary Certificate and in the <br /> detailed budget in support thereof showing the revenue estimates and appropriation expenditures and allocations to pro- <br /> grams and activities for said fiscal year is adopted, and the clerk is directed to make the filings required by law and to set <br /> up his books in accordance with the summary and details as adopted. <br /> Passed and approved onQA.C,3L. 1987, by the following vote: (List names.) <br /> Ayes: 61.4441_1210/ L[_12e Nays: <br /> &UP- .1 kid/ Ott- <br /> ii r f/ <br /> Ofedi 1 04t4Ael;Lo <br /> O ,114t 1.]. X11.. i AA t .k, <br /> /s/ 1��1� r lt■T 3 1 3 �f�Aayor <br /> ATTEST: /s/ 1 di. r Clerk <br />