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The City Clerk hereby advised the Council that the <br /> newspaper inadvertently omitted publication of the Notice of <br /> Bond Sale covering the sale scheduled to be held today. Bond <br /> Counsel has advised the City Clerk that this is a jurisdic- <br /> tional error in nature and that said sale will have to be can- <br /> celled and steps taken to fix a new sale date and order <br /> publication of a new Notice of Bond Sale. <br /> l21: &LLij( Qj introduced the following <br /> Resolution entitled RESOLUTION DIRECTING THE ADVERTISEMENT FOR <br /> SALE OF $1,0 04010 GEN BLIGATION BONDS," and moved its <br /> Ls adoption. A_ 0 .1..L...= Ut econded the motion to adopt. The <br /> roll was ca led an. the vote as, <br /> AYES: 1 AO 1 1 1 t L f S D 0 r 5 1 1 <br /> NAYS: <br /> —ilen----dSada—uCaaa <br /> Whereupon, the Mayor declared the Resolution duly adopted <br /> as follows: RQ IASObl i 20-34 <br /> RESOLUTION DIRECTING THE ADVERTISEMENT <br /> FOR SALE OF $1,050,000.00 GENERAL OBLIGATION <br /> BONDS <br /> WHEREAS, the City of Clive, Iowa, is in need of funds to <br /> pay costs of construction of improvements and extensions to the <br /> Municipal Sanitary Sewer System of said City under the Des <br /> Moines, Iowa, Integrated Community Area Third Phase Financing <br /> Plan and Agreement, an essential corporate purpose project, and <br /> it is deemed necessary and advisable that the City issue <br /> General Obligation Bonds for said purpose to the amount of <br /> $1,050,000.00, as authorized by Section 384.25 of the City Code <br /> of Iowa; and <br /> WHEREAS, pursuant to notice published as required by <br /> Section 384.25 this Council has held a public meeting and <br /> hearing on March 19, 1987, upon the proposal to institute pro- <br /> ceedings for the issuance of the above described Bonds, and all <br /> objections, if any, to such Council action made by any resident <br /> or property owner of said City were received and considered by <br /> the Council; and it is the decision of the Council that addi <br /> tional action be taken for the issuance of said Bonds, and that <br /> such action is considered to be in the best interests of said <br /> City and the residents thereof: <br /> 5 <br /> Men, Cooney. Demean Hayit, Smith Alta, lawyers, Des Moines. lava <br />