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"Ain .,i. introduced the following <br /> ki Resolution entitled "RE OLUTIoN ,FIXING VALUES OF LOTS" and <br /> M moved its adoption. ,1n4.,n .Ir/ seconded the motion <br /> to adopt. The roll was called and the vote was, <br /> r <br /> AYES: f tJ &Alt si /!e /�./.1A -'l IJi <br /> I <br /> n /J L E I <br /> Gt „v� �IMl�ll/lAr G Lr <br /> NAYS: 17/ YLC <br /> p <br /> Whereupon, the Mayor declared the Resolution duly adopted <br /> as follows: <br /> n <br /> RESOLUTION FIXING VALUES OF LOTS <br /> WHEREAS, this Council after full investigation, has <br /> arrived at a determination of the value of each lot located <br /> within the Clive, Iowa, Public Improvement Project, 1987 (NW <br /> 114th Street South Division 1), said valu.tion being se 1 <br /> forth in a preliminar schedule, entitled <br /> (flu i i 3 JD u) /l9tPi arnrc4 c P�AA.rt.IX�:•r f i' pfr/l i �rw� wo <br /> und the column <br /> therein headed <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br /> OF CLIVE, IOWA: <br /> That said schedule of values, hereinabove referred to, be <br /> and the same is adopted as the valuations of the lots, with the <br /> proposed public improvements completed, within the boundaries <br /> of said improvements and the Clerk is hereby directed to forth- <br /> with deliver the same to Snyder Associates, the Engineer for <br /> said project, said Engineer to insert said values in the sche- <br /> dule of assessments which is to be prepared and filed with this <br /> Council. <br /> PASSED AND APPROVED, this 9th day of April <br /> 1987. <br /> )74. j <br /> ATTEST: <br /> MI c <br /> C1 <br /> ANers Cooney, Dow.eiiee Haw.* Sn214, Ai hee, lawyers. Des Manes. Iowa <br />