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CITY BUDGET AMENDMENT AND CERTIFICATION RESOLUTION <br /> To the Auditor of c 1 County, Iowa and to the State Comptroller. <br /> SAC The Council of the City of in said county (counties) met on 7 19 Pi <br /> at the place and hour set in the notice, a copy of which accompanies this certificate and is certified as to blication. Upon tak- <br /> ing up the proposed amendment, it was considered and taxpayers were heard for or against the amendment. <br /> The Council, after hearing all taxpayers wishing to be heard and considering the statements made by them, gave final consideration <br /> to the proposed amendment to the budget and modifications proposed at the hearing, if any'. Thereupon, the following resolution was <br /> introduced: p p <br /> RESOLUTION No. a 9 -?O <br /> A RESOLUTION AMENDING THE CURRENT BUDGET FOR THE FISCAL YEAR ENDING JUNE 30, 19 I7 <br /> AS AMENDED LAST ON 19 <br /> Be It Resolved by the Council of the City of I1 L Iowa: yyyyyy/// <br /> Sectiio 1. Following notice published Op A Q a`F 19 12 and the public hearing held Co .7 <br /> 19 the current budget (as previously amended) is amended as set out herein and in the detail by fund and activity that <br /> supports this resolution which was considered at that hearing: <br /> As Certified Amount of Amended To: <br /> RESOURCES: or Lest Amended Change <br /> Total Beginning Fund Balances 7 3'n 2/90c, C )oCr) <br /> Income Other Than Property Tax I I' le e` a <br /> Transfers In e lS 451165 <br /> State-Shared Revenue 7 ;n, SIP 33n ,tti P <br /> Property Tax Asking 393 I1e2. 34?z' ll <br /> Total Resources 5 3 1 [l /y t� //6): 9On ,W2416 FG <br /> EXPENDITURES /APPROPRIATIONS: <br /> Community Protection <br /> Police, Fire, Street Lighting, etc. 999, Poi Ally- 3�t{ <br /> Human Development <br /> Health, Library, Recreation, Parks, etc. /914 as so tr/29a. <br /> Home Community Environment yas P 0? 1 0 9 CO') o 2 9 8 ?5 <br /> Garbage, Streets, Utility Services, etc. <br /> Policy end Adnistration <br /> Mayor, Council, Clerk Legal, City Hall, etc. 5O9 3.9 2 9 7 9a0C\ 6aS -6,2 -1 <br /> Total Expenditures/Appropriations *397P9`) P j6 3900 y 'JV a ,A/), <br /> Transfers Out <br /> Ending Balances including Reserves /n 3 d O 16 31 a 90 <br /> REASON: +e, a fta etti Sibb MA c! mot n ate c.•- 1&t2120.. YL r a°- t/ 41,03 <br /> pp e <br /> Passed this�l_►lday of__ Lt 19_ <br /> uu <br /> i <br /> Attest: Vote (list by name t: <br /> Ayea: <br /> �6 11 <br /> r u <br /> sl Nays:__ <br /> City Jerk <br /> I hereby certify the above transactions to be a true copy of the proceedings of the city council and aannddthhee resolutions passed in the above matter. <br /> a, <br /> City Clerk <br /> An overall increase in me budget or a major change in the proposed transfers between programs overall will require a new notice and hearing <br />