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/d:so es K <br /> i <br /> l CITY OF OLIVE <br /> J 8505 Harbin Boulevard Clive, lows 60051 <br /> �J City Hall 223$220 Public Works Dept. 2234230 <br /> c i 3 Pol�u 8 Fin 278.2329 <br /> RESOLUTION NO. PMr <br /> RESOLUTION <br /> HE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of the City of Clive, Iowa does <br /> hereby authorize the amount of 45,154 to be transferred <br /> frin the Capital Projects Fund Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Reserve <br /> account to the Sewer Utility Fund; <br /> said funds to pay the oost of professional services related to the <br /> rehabilitation, construction, and financing of sewer lines, trunks, <br /> equalization basins, treatment plants, and other facilities that are <br /> part of the sanitary sewer system, said fees paid during the period <br /> cO DEBT SERVICE ICA LINES PHASE 1&2 PD 4 /81 <br /> and direct the.Clerk to allocate to the Saner Utility Fund accordingly. <br /> PASSED AND APPROVED TSIs 7 Day OF 194917 <br /> aft /1 <br /> Attest: <br /> P4 4 <br /> P. <br />