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RECORD OF PUBLIC HEARING AND ADOPTION OF BUDGET <br /> On p2, 1989, the Council of the City of <br /> met for the purpose of conducting a public hearing on the proposed 1989 -90 <br /> Budget as published. A quorum was present. <br /> Notice of time and place of hearing had been published on A�t a s <br /> 1989, in the Warn treS5 and the affidavit of publication <br /> was available to file with the County Auditor. <br /> 1 The budget estimate was considered and taxpayers and citizens heard for and <br /> 11,1 <br /> against said estimate as follows: <br /> Ne}to il• ?ILA( glen Qo p/l.n <br /> *Intl NI vast <br /> 1tJrQ:I/ar <br /> After giving opportunity for all desiring to be heard, the Council adopted the <br /> following budget resolution: <br /> RESOLUTION NO. si <br /> A RESOLUTION ADOPTING THE ANNUAL BUDGET FOR THE FISCAL YEAR ENDING <br /> JUNE 30, 1990. <br /> Be it Resolved by the Council of the City of og Iowa: <br /> The annual budget for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1990, as set forth in the <br /> Budget Summary and in the detailed budget in support thereof showing the revenue <br /> estimates and appropriation expenditures and allocations to programs and activities <br /> for said fiscal year is adopted, and the clerk is directed to make the filings <br /> required by law and to set up the books in accordance with the summary and details <br /> as adopted. <br /> PASSED AND APPROVED THIS A4e.. DAY OF 1 1989, by the <br /> following vote: (List names) <br /> AYES: its +c-x/� e s n1 NAYS: <br /> /a.i M c atIt[y <br /> atilt r.WAn!L <br /> t 4 .I la$:.41, Mayor a 9 9 <br /> alb' lk 1 Clerk <br /> 1 <br />