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RESOLUTION NO. <br /> RESOLUTION APPROVING AND ACCEPTING ONE CERTAIN <br /> PERMANENT WATER LINE EASEMENT AND AN AGREEMENT TO <br /> CONSTRUCT WITH RESPECT TO LOT 16 IN COWNIE PARR PLAT, <br /> AN OFFICIAL AUDITOR'S PLAT, NOW LOCATED IN AND <br /> FORMING A PART OF THE CITY OF CLIVE, POLK COUNTY, IOWA <br /> WHEREAS, in connection with the approval of the Site Plan <br /> and as a condition precedent to the receipt of a building permit <br /> for the construction of certain improvements on Lot 16, Cownie <br /> Park Plat, an Official Auditor's Plat, now located in and forming <br /> a part of the City of Clive, Polk County, Iowa (hereinafter the <br /> "Site Greer Properties, Inc. (hereinafter "Greer has sub- <br /> mitted to the City of Clive one certain Permanent Water Line <br /> Easement and one certain Agreement to Construct, all relating to <br /> the construction of a 12" water line, the dedication thereof to <br /> the City and the grant of easement rights for said water line to <br /> the City; and <br /> WHEREAS, the City Council of the City of Clive, Iowa, is <br /> desirous of accepting and approving said Permanent Water Line <br /> Easement and said Agreement to Construct, and authorizing the <br /> execution of the same. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE <br /> CITY OF CLIVE, IOWA: <br /> 1. That the Permanent Water Line Easement and the <br /> Agreement to Construct, copies of which are attached <br /> hereto and by this reference incorporated herein, be <br /> and are hereby approved and accepted by this City <br /> Council; and that the Mayor is hereby authorized and <br /> directed to execute said Agreement to Construct on <br /> behalf of the City of Clive; and the City Clerk is <br /> hereby authorized and directed to attest to the <br /> signature of the Mayor upon the Agreement to Construct, <br /> and to attach the Seal of the City and certify the <br /> passage of this Resolution on both the Agreement to <br /> Construct and the Permanent Water Line Easement, and to <br /> cause the Permanent Water Line Easement to be recorded <br /> in the office of the Polk County, Iowa, Recorder. <br /> PASSED AND APPROVED THIS ZS: day of et 1989. <br /> B 6 O <br /> 0. -ne r..... -.r <br /> ATTEST: <br /> BY: kl. Al A A `111. <br /> Mar orie r Roberts, City C erk <br />