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CLIVE RESOLUTION NO. i% <br />RESOLUTION ENDORSING THE CITY OF CLIVE TRAFFIC SAFETY <br />IMPROVEMENT PROJECT (N.W. 86TH STREET), APPROVING THE <br />APPLICATION FOR TRAFFIC SAFETY IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM (TSIP) <br />FUNDING FOR SITE SPECIFIC IMPROVEMENTS FROM THE IOWA DEPARTMENT <br />OF TRANSPORTATION, COMMITTING THE CITY OF CLIVE, IOWA TO 100% <br />OF INELIGIBLE GRANT COSTS (ENGINEERING, STAKING, INSPECTION, <br />MAINTENANCE AND ENERGY COSTS FOR TRAFFIC CONTROL DEVICES AND <br />LIGHTING), RIGHT -OF -WAY COSTS, AND AUTHORIZING THE MAYOR AND <br />CITY CLERK TO EXECUTE THE GRANT APPLICATION ON BEHALF OF THE <br />CITY OF CLIVE, IOWA. <br />WHEREAS, the CITY OF CLIVE, IOWA share common interest with the <br />citizens of CLIVE AND SURROUNDING CITIES in improving traffic <br />safety along N.W. 86th Street from University Boulevard (Swanson <br />Boulevard) north to Franklin Avenue and <br />WHEREAS, in 1986 and 1989 the CITY OF CLIVE sponsored <br />Engineering Studies of said section of N.W. 86th Street for the <br />purpose of determining needed improvements to reduce accident <br />problems and increase the traffic level of service, and <br />WHEREAS, said studies recommended adding lane improvements <br />along said section of roadway and signalization upgrading at <br />Swanson Boulevard, Harbach Boulevard, Alice Avenue and Franklin <br />Avenue and <br />WHEREAS, CLIVE has received requests from citizens and <br />businesses to make traffic safety improvements on N.W. 86th Street, <br />and <br />WHEREAS, it is in the best interest of the CITY OF CLIVE to <br />make application to Iowa Department of Transportation for site <br />specific improvements under the state's Traffic Safety Improvements <br />Program (TSIP) for N.W. 86th Street Traffic Safety Improvements <br />Project, and <br />WHEREAS, the magnitude of funding committments for the roadway <br />and signalization improvements would exceed the City budget <br />limitations and the ability of funds from other local sources, and <br />WHEREAS, should TSIP funds not be obtained for instituting <br />CLIVE'S Traffic Safety Improvement Program, it would not occur in <br />the immediate future as a result of the magnitude of the project <br />and the budget limitations of the CITY OF CLIVE. <br />