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Council Member S.R.4.." introduced the following <br /> Resolution entitled "RESOLUTJQN ACCPTING WORK" and moved its <br /> adoption. Council Member X A seconded the motion to <br /> adopt. The roll was called and the vote+ was, <br /> AYES: gut.10.82.641:s 1 <br /> ":4° <br /> NAYS: 61�t1L eQ„n I �.t,�� ►�IOw• <br /> Whereupon the Mayor declared the following Resolution duly <br /> adopted: <br /> RESOLUTION ACCEPTING WORK AND APPROVING <br /> CERTAIN CHANGE ORDERS AND A SUPPLEMENTAL <br /> CONTRACT COVERING CONSTRUCTION WORK TO <br /> BE COMPLETED <br /> WHEREAS, on June 2, 1988, Clive, Iowa, entered into contract <br /> with K.S. Kramme, Inc. of Des Moines, Iowa, for the construction <br /> of the NW 100th Street Bridge Improvements Project (Division II), <br /> within the City, as therein described; and <br /> WHEREAS, said contractor has fully completed the construction <br /> of said improvements, except as noted below, known as the NW 100th <br /> Street Bridge Improvements Project (Division II), in accordance <br /> with the terms and conditions of said contract and plans and <br /> specifications, as o n by the certificate of the Engineer filed <br /> with the Clerk on 1989; and <br /> WHEREAS, a small portion of the construction work remains to <br /> be completed by the contractor but cannot be completed at this <br /> time due to no fault of the contractor and accordingly the City <br /> proposes to enter into a supplemental contract with the <br /> above -named contractor covering the remaining portion of said <br /> construction work pursuant to the provisions of Section 573.27 of <br /> the Code of Iowa; and <br /> WHEREAS, the consulting engineer has prepared necessary change <br /> orders and a supplemental contract to cover deletion of railroad <br /> trestle and drainage improvements south of Swanson Boulevard from <br /> the present construction contract and to include same in a new <br /> supplemental contract. Such change orders and supplemental <br /> contract have been approved and signed by the contractor; and <br /> WHEREAS, there has also been filed in the Clerk's office by <br /> the contractor's surety company their consent to the above stated <br /> -2- <br /> MILERS, COONEY, DORREILER, HAYNIE, SMITH k ALLBEE <br /> ATTORNEYS AT LAW DES MOINES, IOWA <br />