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Council Member LA> 0.A.d.Vtatotu‘d introduced the following <br /> Resolution entitled "RESOLUTION ORDERING PREPARATION OF FINAL PLAT <br /> AND SCHEDU E OF SSMENTS" and moved its adoption. Council <br /> Member QV seconded the motion to adopt. The roll <br /> was called and the vole was, <br /> AYES: fu B WILL+) <br /> eaLAAtS, <br /> NAYS: lnllsl.. �A e <br /> Whereupon the Mayor declared the following Resolution duly <br /> adopted: A no. <br /> RESOLUTION ORDERING PREPARATION OF FINAL <br /> PLAT AND SCHEDULE OF ASSESSMENTS <br /> BE IT RESOLVED, that the Engineer is hereby instructed to <br /> prepare a final plat and schedule showing the separate lots or <br /> parcels of ground subject to assessment for the cost of the <br /> NW 100th Street Bridge Improvements Project (Division II), <br /> together with the names of the owners thereof, so far as <br /> practicable, and the amount assessable by law against each lot or <br /> parcel of ground so assessable, and against any railway or street <br /> railway legally assessable therefor, and /K7 /9. 9r) of the <br /> whole amount of the cost of said improvements shall be assessed <br /> against the benefited properties, but not in excess of the amounts <br /> so assessed in the preliminary plat and schedule for the <br /> improvement, and filed in the office of the Clerk. <br /> 6 <br /> PASSED AND APPROVED this day of 0 1989. <br /> t 4r0 Pit <br /> Mayoq <br /> ATTEST: <br /> &L. I: Ar A' <br /> A l Al <br /> Clerk <br /> -4- <br /> AHLERS, COONEY, DORWEILER, HAYNIE, SMITH ALLBEE <br /> ATTORNEYS AT LAW DES MOINES. IOWA <br />