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__LI____121141). introduced the following Resolution <br /> entitled "RESOLUTION ACCEPTD •UBLI�IMP•IVEMENTS and moved <br /> that the same be adopted. el ,,_f /seconded the motion <br /> to adopt. The roll was called and the vot was, <br /> AYES: 1 r•:`_, /1 4 4� <br /> i l <br /> /I <br /> SCJI.42, <br /> NAYS: `f <br /> Whereupon, the Mayor declared the followin Resolution duly <br /> adopted: da,u1A4v, fit. 6f'9 Jr'' <br /> RESOLUTION ACCEPTING PUBLIC <br /> IMPROVEMENTS <br /> WHEREAS, on the A9-1 day of 65( 1988, the <br /> Mayor and Clerk of Clive, Iowa, entered into a construction <br /> contract with <br /> l.: a 1 <br /> r l C <br /> a 1 of 1 D <br /> for the co st uction of certain public improvements ge nerally <br /> described as Arterial Street System Improvements, Division 3, <br /> Hickman Road NW 100th Street Intersection; and <br /> WHEREAS, said contractor has fully completed the <br /> construction of said public improvements in accordance with the <br /> terms and conditions of said contract and plans and <br /> specifications, as shown y t the certificate of the Engineer <br /> filed with the Clerk on ,,,,le 1),,l 0, 198 9 <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE <br /> CITY OF CLIVE, IOWA: <br /> Section 1. That said report of the Engineer be and the <br /> same is hereby approved and adopted, and said public <br /> improve -ments are hereby approved and accepted as having been <br /> fully completed in accordance with said plans, specifications <br /> and form of contract and the total final construct cost <br /> thereof is hereby determined to be 4.3/ ‘)()4,.7.S as shown <br /> in said report of the Engineer. <br /> -2- <br /> AHLERS, COONEY, DORWEILER, HA NIE, SMITH ALLBEE <br /> ATTORNEYS AT LAW OES MOINES. IOWA <br />