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PART 1 HEARING PROCEEDINGS <br /> September 21 1989 <br /> c <br /> The City Council of Clive, Iowa, met in Q 4Pl�Jt 2 session, <br /> in the Council Chambers 'City Hall, 8505 Harbac Boulevard, Clive, <br /> Iowa, at /'{o") o'cck M. on the above date. There were <br /> C'? <br /> present Mayor n. p 0 1 (Q in the chair, and the <br /> following named Council Member <br /> Absent: <br /> e. 111) �t <br /> The Mayor then called for objections to the adoption of the <br /> proposed Resolution of Necessity for the construction of the <br /> Clive, Iowa, University Avenue Water Main Extension Project, 1989 <br /> in the corporation, pursuant to notice of the time and place of <br /> hearing duly published and mailed, and pursuant to prior action of <br /> said Council; and announced to those present at said Council <br /> meeting that both written and oral objections would be received <br /> and considered by the uncil at this time. Written and oral <br /> objections were then jeived or heard. <br /> Council Member C.-LJ ii-WIV moved that the time for <br /> the^rec� i�vi� of, objections be closed. Seconded by Council Member <br /> (��hlctm On vote, the motion was adopted. <br /> After reviewing all the objections received, the Council found <br /> and determined that no remonstrance, pursuant to the provisions of <br /> Section 384.51 of the City Code of Iowa, was filed with the <br /> Council, pertaining to the proposed improvement as set out in said <br /> Resolution of Necessity as originally proposed. <br /> 1 <br /> MILERS, COONEY, DORWEILER, HAYNIE, SMITH ALLREE <br /> ATTORNEYS AT LAW DES MOINES, IOWA <br />