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Council Member RC4 v rt-CI L introduced the <br /> followin Resolution and moved its adoption. Council Member <br /> n seconded the motion to adopt. The roll was <br /> called and he vote was, <br /> I L <br /> AYES: A.�i rt,c /-C�- C�, v�tj <br /> rt_ b,,l(--C V L4� /�C1�CIJLC1�rn� <br /> NAYS: <br /> /q owr,,a,4 A/0 89 /60 <br /> RESOLUTION WITH RESPECT TO THE ADOPTION OF THE <br /> RESOLUTION OF NECESSITY PROPOSED FOR THE CLIVE, IOWA, <br /> UNIVERSITY AVENUE WATER MAIN EXTENSION PROJECT, 1989 <br /> Whereupon, the Mayor declared the following Resolution duly <br /> adopted. <br /> WHEREAS, this Council has proposed a Resolution of Necessity <br /> for the Clive, Iowa, University Avenue Water Main Extension <br /> Project, 1989, has given notice of the public hearing thereon as <br /> required by law; and <br /> WHEREAS, the public hearing has been held, all persons <br /> offering objections have been heard and consideration given to all <br /> objections and is pending before this Council; and <br /> WHEREAS, this is the time and place set as provided for the <br /> taking of action on the proposed Resolution of Necessity; <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br /> CLIVE, IOWA AS FOLLOWS: <br /> That the proposed Resolution of Necessity described above is <br /> hereby: <br /> Adopted, without amendment, and all <br /> objections filed or made having been duly <br /> considered are overruled. <br /> Adopted as amended by the Schedule of <br /> Amendments attached hereto as Exhibit A, <br /> and made a part hereof by reference. All <br /> objections filed or made having been duly <br /> 2 <br /> AHLERS, COONEY, DORWEILER, HAYNIE, SMITH ALLBEE <br /> ATTORNEYS AT LAW DES MOINES, IOWA <br />