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7 <br />mJ introduced the following Resolution <br />entitled "RESOLUTION ORDERING CONSTRUCTION OF CERTAIN PUBLIC <br />IMPROVEMENTS, AND FIXING A DATE FOR HEARING THEREON AND TAKING OF <br />BJDS THEREFOR," and moved that the same be adopted. <br />seconded the motion to adopt. The roll <br />was called and the vote was, <br />AYES: 1 0 3 <br />NAYS Q -t <br />Whereupon, the Mayor declared the following Resolution duly <br />adopted: <br />AE,SpL ITlph4 Ala S9 /8:5 <br />RESOLUTION ORDERING CONSTRUCTION OF CERTAIN PUBLIC <br />IMPROVEMENTS, AND FIXING A DATE FOR HEARING THEREON <br />AND TAKING OF BIDS THEREFOR <br />WHEREAS, the Cities of Urbandale, Iowa and Clive, Iowa have <br />entered into a joint Traffic Safety Improvement Program for the <br />construction of certain public improvements. <br />WHEREAS, it is deemed advisable and necessary to construct <br />certain public improvements described in general as Clive and <br />Urbandale Traffic Safety Improvement Program, Hickman Road N.W. <br />104th Street, N.W. 111th Street, and Patricia Drive Intersections, <br />and has caused to be prepared plans, specifications and form of <br />contract, together with estimate of cost, which are now on file in <br />the office of the Clerk for public inspection, for the construc- <br />tion of said public improvements, and said plans, specifications <br />and form of contract are deemed suitable for the making of said <br />public improvements; and <br />WHEREAS, before said plans, specifications, form of contract <br />and estimate of cost may be adopted, and contract for the <br />construction of the public improvements entered into, it is <br />necessary, pursuant to Division VI of Chapter 384 of the Code of <br />Iowa, to hold a public hearing and to advertise for bids: <br />WHEREAS, by Agreement, the City of Clive is authorized to <br />advertise for bids and award contracts for such construction. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br />OF CLIVE, IOWA: <br />2 <br />AHLEBS, COONEY, DIIHWEI LER, IIAYNIE, SMITH ALLBEE <br />ATTORNEYS AT LAW OES MOINES, IOWA <br />